Out with the Old...Installing the New

Continuing the spirit of home improvement, we recently replaced the ceiling fan in my bedroom.  The fan was almost as old as I am and the chain allowing me to turn the light off and on had broken at the source (not fun for sleeping in hot Florida...I had to unscrew the bulb every night if I wanted to fan).  It had to go, and it's replacement:  Hunter 52" Ceiling Fan (Brushed Nickel with Cherry/Maple Blade)

What made me think that we could put up a ceiling fan by ourselves?  My father and YouTube.  Here are some of the few good photos from this project...it is hard to hold a camera, a flashlight, and to handle random tools.

A word of caution.  If your home's fuse box is not properly labeled, then you should take the time to inform anyone in the house that the power might be going on and off.  Or if you are feeling a little dangerous, go for the surprise angle...the shouting will help you label which switch goes to which room.

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Staci said...

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