Fringed Denim Skirt

I recently bought a short denim skirt from Goodwill and decided that it was a little too short. Solution: add some fringe. And seeing as I needed it for a cowgirl-esque costume, I couldn't think of anything better than white eyelet.

The eyelet fringe came from a white skirt that I haven't worn in years. We cut about 6" off at the bottom.  Because we planned to gather the material, we used twice the amount of white eyelet material than the circumference (length of the bottom edge) of the skirt.

Next, we sewed a single line along the upper edge of the eyelet. This will be used to gather the material. Do not double up on the edges; you want the stitch to run off the material. Then, grab one of the hanging strings to gather the material evenly along the length of the skirt. Sew the edges together if necessary.

Evenly pin the eyelet material to the edge of the denim skirt. Make sure the skirt and eyelet are turned inside out.  Once you have the the skirt pinned, you can hand sew or use a machine if the material isn't too thick.

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