Costume Design

I've been volunteering for an event lately that gives me the opportunities to practice my costume design skills.  This month's project:  a chicken costume.

I tried to keep it from being cliched, while still keeping it fun and feminine.  This costume combines sewing and wire form (used for the wings and feet).

Making the hood.  I used a hoodie as a template.  Pretty basic. 

Making the vest.  I used a fitted shirt as a template, but added a flare to the back.  The idea was to string wire through the hemline and make a little tail.

Connecting the hood.  Buttons and button holes can be difficult, but they are the best option for something that you want to be detachable.

Playing with wire to make the wings and feet.  Warning:  there is a high chance that your hands will hate you after this...mine were sore for days after.

Connecting the wings.  I attached the wings by sewing little pockets for them to slip into.

Making the mask.  The base came from a plastic mask form available at most craft/hobby stores and a foam visor.

Making the feet.  These were designed to slip over my shoes.

Finished Costume.  Photoshoot with the Easter Bunny!

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