TV Wall Mount

My next Home Improvement project was to tryout one of those wall mount like they have in doctor offices. The idea is a little scary, but the TV doesn't appear to be falling anytime soon.

Here is my original set-up: a low TV stand that had a small shelf for my DVD/VHS player (yeah, I said VHS) and some extra space for a game system. Time to get out the drill, stud finder, level, and screwdrivers!

Tip #1: Mark the boundaries of the stud (wooded beam the is in the wall) that you want to put the TV on: meaning mark where the stub begins on the left and the right. Find the same for about 12" above or below those marks. Find the middle of the stud and check with a lever.
  Tip #2: When adjusting the TV so that it is level, make sure that you have the TV at the distance from the wall that you want to keep it (if it is a full motion wall mount). I've noticed that the TV can be level when pulled out away from the wall, but somehow pushing it flush to the wall will throw the angle off. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with the results. Next project will be a floating shelf for underneath the TV.

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