More Changes?

You guys might have noticed that I didn't post anything yesterday and that the last two posts haven't been very content oriented.  This is because I am setting up for teaching Art Classes at both the Treasure Coast Art Association and Art Mundo, I've been volunteering for Treasures in Town (an Arts, Antiques, and Authors event that happens every 4th Saturday--this weekend--in Downtown Ft. Pierce), as well as some other areas of interest.  Busy schedule.  I'm going to try to keep making a post a day (M-F), but if I miss a day you should still find a new 365 sketch for that day.

I will be continuing to integrate Sunblossom Studio blog with this one and if any of you are interested in video games, I have started working on a whenever-I-feel-like-it blog, gamerkate.  Why?  I like games.

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