DIY Valentine's Day Jewelry

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I should get some Valentine's Day themed posts out there, so here is my first little journey into jewelry making.  These were made with materials that were already in my studio, so the gauge of wire is a little off and the beads are generic and boring.  But it is a start.

Heart Earrings

This simple design requires wire (the thinner the better), pliers, and some decorative beads.  Start by making a small loop about 2 inches into the wire.  Pull both ends together and evenly cut the wire.  Wrap one end around the other to secure the heart and make a small loop with the other one.  Long wire can be attached to this loop to hold beads at different lengths.

Heart Ring

Same general design, but instead of ending in a small loop leave some extra wire to wrap around your finger and then attach to one of the mounds of the heart.

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