Discover Tuscan Delight

Ever go to a potluck and taste an amazing dish, but forget to get the recipe? Don't forget it; recreate it! Most ingredients are easily recognized and experimenting can be fun. Here is an experiment that went deliciously right.

Tuscan Chicken Soup

1 celery stalk
2 carrots
1 medium onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 Tb extra virgin olive oil
1 can chicken stock
1 can diced tomatoes 
1 can cannellini (white kidney beans)
1/3 bag of baby spinach
1 cooked chicken breast, diced
salt and pepper to taste
  1. Cut up vegetables.
  2. In a medium pan, cook vegetable in olive oil over medium heat until tender.  Salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Pour in chicken broth and add tomatoes (not drained), beans (drained), baby spinach, and chicken.  If you need more liquid, then you can add some water.
  4. Cook for at least 15 minutes and enjoy.

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