Magazines by the Volume

Some magazines you read and then recycle; some magazine you keep for reference.  However, keeping your magazines can become an unorganized mess if you are not careful.  One way that I have found to keep my magazines in check is to combine them into year long volumes.  This means binding 5-12 magazines into one easy to read book.  This only works with magazines that have been stapled in the middle with no flat spin.

A cover is optional.  I like the covers of my Art Education magazines, so I chose to go without.  This made binding slightly harder, because I had to start with making loops in my first magazine instead of using the bottom cover to make loops.

First step was punching holes into the spine of each magazine with an awl or something similar.

Next, I had to make loops in each of the holes of the most recent magazine that I punched.  These loops will give the second most recent magazine something to attach to.  I used the tool that you use to thread a needle to make these loops.  Don't worry that they are loose.  We'll tighten them as we get the next magazine on there.

I used a coptic stitch to attach the rest of the magazines.  I will talk more about this stitch tomorrow.

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