Journal Making

I have always been interested in book making, but never found the time to try it.  This week I made the time.  Here is my first project--a personal journal--that I made from scratch using old sketchbooks, a shoebox, some old scrapbooking paper, and embroidery thread.

First, I cut the two covers out of an old shoebox.  My cover was 10" by 7". I wrapped the edges in tape to remove any sharp edges that could cut through the paper cover.  The I cut out some matching scrapbooking paper and glued it to the cardboard using rubber cement.  I used another complementary piece for the inside cover.

Next, I cut out the signatures--the collection of paper that makes up the pages in the journal.  I decided to make a 50 page journal, so I broke it up into 5 signatures of 5 sheets of 9 3/4" by 13" white paper.  I folded these in half and punched holes in the spine using a template so that they would match.  I also used this template to punch holes in the two covers about 1/2" from the edge.

The next step is binding the cover and signatures together.  I used a single coptic stitch with a curved needle and embroidery thread.

The first step is to open one of your signatures and thread through the first hole at the bottom.  Go all the way through with your string (you need about 4 ft) and leave about 4" of string left over.

Next, go through the back of the cover.  I looped my thread through the cover twice for some extra support before going back through the same signature hole.

Back inside your first signature, go through the next hole going up.  At this point you can also take the end of the string and knot it around the first signature hole.  Cut of the excess.  Repeat attaching the cover for the rest of the holes.

Once you have attached the cover on the last hole, do not go back into the same signature.  Instead take your next signature and thread your needle through the first hole and then come out of the hole next to it.

Once out, you will thread your needle from left to right through the loop created from attaching to the cover or signature directly underneath.  Then you will go back through the signature hole that you came from.  Repeat for all of you signatures.

When you finish attaching all of the signatures, thread through the inside of the cover and then loop around once or twice depending on what you did for the first cover.  Then thread back through the signature hole and into the next one to repeat the process.

End your last return with a knot.

And you have your very own personal journal just waiting to be used!  Enjoy!

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Andre Jones said...

hi there! thank you for this journal making tutorial.. ive been practicing in making more and other designs..

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