DIY--Kitchen Faucet Installation

My mom picked up a new faucet set for the kitchen sink and gave me to opportunity to see if I had the skills need to be a plumber!  Not knowing anything about taking out and installing a faucet I looked to google and found a great youtube video that made it almost easy.  I say almost, because I still had to hunt for the right tools in the garage and do the manual labor part.

Uninstalling the faucet.

Tip #1:  Make sure you turned the water off completely.  See those oval nobs down there.  Gently turn them until they don't turn anymore.  Then turn the faucet water?  Success.

Tip #2.  Put some muscle into it...or call a man and make him do it.  Chances are these bolts haven't been touched in a while and no amount of sweet talk or cursing is going to make this part any easier.

Tip #3.  The longer the arms the better.  Once you've disconnected those water pipes you need to unscrew the faucet from the sink and that is in the very top of the very back of the sink.

Tip #4.  You will find that no matter how often you think you clean your sink, it will never be enough.  I don't know what was living under the old faucet, but ewww.

Installing the new faucet (with hand sprayer).

Tip #5.  Follow the instructions.  Use whatever language you want, but mostly just look at the pictures.

Connecting the hand sprayer to the main faucet.




Elia Lester said...

Installing a new faucet may be quite easy, but you must still be a little careful when doing it. Make sure that you properly connect the hose to the new faucet. Be careful not to tear it, or else, you’ll need to buy a new one and replace it. After the installation, check if there’s a leak. If there is no leak found, it means you can now be a good plumber. 

Darryl Iorio said...

That faucet is pretty! And ahhh! How great is it that after an upgrade, you know that you would no longer have to deal with problems that used to bother you and your family a lot whenever you use the sink.

Darryl Iorio

Sarah Kate said...

Update: Still working great, with no leaking! A great improvement in style and function.

emballage sous vide said...

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Lucretia Burkholder said...

Uh-huh! Tutorial videos are all you need to discover that you have the skills to be a plumber. You should include your mom’s encouragement as well. Haha! Was it difficult? Hmm, I should try it the next time we replace our faucet. I hope my husband gives me a chance to do it. Haha! He’s an all around guy, so he doesn’t let me get involved on such works. :p