Anything Can Happen Thursday

When I started planning my blog, I went through each day of the week to give it a theme in hopes that it would focus my content and help me with planning each day.  

I came up with this these themes:
  • Monday:  Style/Organization
  • Tuesday:  Travel
  • Wednesday:  Recipe
  • Thursday:  Anything Can Happen
  • Friday:  Craft/DIY
Not every week sticks to this plan.  If there is a holiday or it is the beginning or ending of the month, then I tend to deviate.  But Thursday are always my favorite, because I gave myself permission to do whatever I wanted...a free ticket to do something different and challenge myself.

So if you're in a rut, then make an Anything Can Happen Day (Sheldon will not yell at you if it is not the 3rd Thursday of the month) and do something fun.

And please notice my shameless pug of The Big Bang Theory.  This show is sitcom gold.

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