Welcome to 2013!  I wanted to get some firework pictures for my cover image, but apparently no one in my neighborhood wants to perform for me and the only fireworks we have are at least 6 years old...and I don't want to burn down the house.
And with a new year comes those famous new year resolutions.  I've never been very good at making or keeping these, but that's no reason to not try again.
  1. Promotion.  Now that I have 2+ months invested in this blog, I think it is time to start getting it out there for people to see and read.
  2. DIY Projects.  I need to work on more content related posts that people will want to read.  I know that DIY projects are popular, so I'll be trying to work on more of these types of posts.
  3. Page Tabs.  I really need to keep up with these.  I'll be working on updating them at least one a week if not on a day to day basis.
  4. Exercise.  I want to get a routine started for yoga/tai chi as well as hiking some trails at least once a week or kayaking.

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