10 Things to do without Internet

Some of you might have noticed that I was gone for quite a few days.  This was because of the Uverse outage fiasco.  Who knows what happened, but either way I was without Internet and TV for a number of days.  That's fun.  Here are a few things you can do when you find yourself without Angry Birds, Email, and Pinterest.

1.  Go Somewhere!  This is something you should do even when you have Internet; don't get stuck in front of that computer, laptop, or IPad all day long...it's not healthy.  Go out.  Get some sun.  Find a new place to explore.  There are trails to hike, restaurants to discover, stores to fall in love with, and museums to visit.

2.  Read a Book.  This is a great way to pass the time.  Reread your favorite or take a chance.  Very few times have I been disappointed.

3.  Make Something.  Be creative and get messy.  Create a garden, build a snowman, or do crafts with your kids.

4.  Family Time with Boardgames, Cards, Etc.  For a couple of moments in the Uverse outage, I was reminded of the 3 weeks that we were without power thanks to the hurricanes of 2004.  We spent a lot of time huddled around a table playing card games and talking.  Cliche?  Maybe, but it is a great way to pass the time and reconnect with family.

5.  Home Improvements.  What have you been meaning to do around that house, but the Internet has been distracting you from doing?  I know that there is something.  Fix it, paint it, replace it.  You have the time, hopefully you have the energy.

6.  Try a New Recipe.  I'm a big fan of this on any day, but without the Internet it can get even more interesting.  Dig out those old cookbooks or simply wing it.  You might make the next big thing.

7.  Donate Your Old Stuff.  Downsizing is therapeutic and a great way to stay organized.  And don't just throw out your slightly used stuff, donate it to your local thrift store or charity.

8.  Sleep.  I won't deny it.  Sleep is a lovely thing.  Instead of staying up so late watching that new episode of your latest obsession, go to bed.  Your body will thank you for it.

9.  Write a Letter.  I know.  By the time the Internet comes back on and you can pull up your Email, the letter will still be in your mailbox, but take sometime to think about it.  Isn't it exciting to receive mail that isn't a bill, junk, or a birthday card from some business?  Snail mail still has its place in the world...that's why it is still used for the important things such as wedding invitations, Christmas cards, and Thank You cards.

10.  Volunteer.  I've recently found my days spent helping out my local art community pull together a monthly arts, antiques, and writer's festival.  I don't get any money from it, but it's fun.  Find something in you town that makes you happy and offer some of your time:  help out at your kid's school, volunteer at the hospital, or clean up a highway or beach.

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