Stamps, Cards, and the Lazy Letter

Instead of buying your Christmas cards this year, make them! All you need is an assortment of paper, cardstock, rubber cement, and some imagination. Also, I will reveal the winner of the Vintage Postage Stamps Christmas Giveaway...

Congratulations, Mary Ellen!

I put in about three hours of planning and construction and came out with these 6 designs for Christmas Cards.  My materials were some handmade paper that I bought from my favorite art supply store, some scrap booking paper and ribbons from Joann's, and rubber cement.  My favorite part was searching the internet on how to tie the perfect you can see, I'm still practicing.

There is a tradition in my family that each year, we send out a "Lazy Letter" to all of our family and friends.  This letter is really only an update on the events of the year...who got married, who had babies, who moved away, etc.  My grandmother began it as a collection of handwritten letters and it has been updated to a tasteful brochure with full color photos.  I think that those families that receive it enjoy reading about our latest news, but either way, I think it is a great idea and adds a personal touch to the holiday card.

Not only did I design the cards, but I made my own envelops out of cardstock. 

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