Missing You

1.   Food.  Pretty much anything in the city is amazing (except for the BBQ).  My favorites include Samovar, House of Prime Rib, and anything in Chinatown.

2.   Ferry Building.  The first and last thing I usually saw when going into the city.  The place as an amazing variety of shops (mostly food) and hosts Farmer's Market days on Tuesday and Thursday where you can find the best Reubens I have ever eaten...and I don't even like Rubens.

3.   Art Supplies.  Home of my favorite art store:  Artist & Craftsman Supply.

4.   Book Stores.  I found the most amazing bookstore in the Mission District:  Borderland Books.  It caters exclusively to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror...my three favorite genres.  Here are some other great book stores in the area.

5.   Chinatown.  Home of some of the best food and smells in the city.

6.   Palace of Fine Arts.  Great architecture and gorgeous at night.

7.   Art & Science Museums.  I went to the MOMA to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit and Cal Academy's Sugarcoated NIGHTLIFE.

8.   Street Art.  Must see pictures.

9.   Yoga in the Park.  Wish I could have gone to it more times than I did....

10. Transportation.  Planes, trains, and automobiles...and ferries and buses and trolleys and cable cars and too many ways to get around the city, but all of them rather inexpensive and very convenient.

Goodbye, San Francisco.

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