Crazy Inventions

The Good, the Bad, and the...Umm....
Boredom is dangerous thing.  Here are some amazing and weird inventions that I have found.

365 Knitting Clock:  I love this idea. Unfortunately, they aren't for sale.
Staircase Drawers:  I want them now.  This site comes with DIY instructions.
Defendius Door Chain:  Still not sure if this is a great idea yet...but it would definitely keep anyone who has had too much to drink from going out and getting into trouble.

10-in-1 Gardening Tool:  More is not always better.
Stick Butter:  I would confuse this with my UHU.
Champagne Parachute:  This is kind of cute.
Cuddle Pillows:  For when you are missing your Muppet.

The Kush:  Apparently this is also one of the many, many...many names for Weed.
Neuticles:  These are not least not in the traditional sense.  I won't spoil the surprise.
Go Girl:  For every girl who ever wanted to write her name in the snow.

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