Craft Ideas

Seeing as I will be returning to my almost fully stocked studio bedroom, I though I would put together a list of projects that I hope to be working on for the next few months.
  • Chalkboard Laptop with Monster Case. A great gift for my nephew who is fascinated each time I work on mine.
  • Make My Own Tea. I'm really excited about mixing my own flavors.
  • Nail and String Wall Art. Not just limited to words.
  • Wire Form Sculpture. Love the minimalism of these works.
  • Make My Own Clothing Form. I have a few clothing projects floating around my head and I will finally be withing working distance of a sewing machine!
  • Redesigned Shirt. Simple and cute.
  • Crochet projects:  scarf and hat. I know that I will be going to sunny Florida where a scarf isn't really necessary, but these are too cute and would make great gifts for my friends and family who live in colder places.

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