Chocolate Night at the California Academy of Sciences

This past Thursday, my sister took me into the city for a night of music, creatures, and a couple drinks.  We visited the California Academy of Science for their Sugarcoated NIGHTLIFE event:  who can deny free chocolate?

We started at the Planetarium (got two of the last tickets!) to watch a 30 minute presentation on earthquakes...not really what I was expecting, but still fun and educational.

Next, we went to rainforest exhibits to see some exotic creatures.

And then we found ourselves in the Aquarium for some great sea life.  I love the how well the photos of the jellyfish came out.  You can even see a little, baby jellyfish (just to the right of the big one) in the last photo.

All in all, a great night in San Francisco, even if I froze on the rip back into Sausalito! 

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