Slumming it in Sausalito

Today, I'm going to talk a little bit about organizing.  Any space can be organized no matter how small, large, or irregular it may be.  Recently, I moved in with my sister (sleeping on the couch) and I had to get rather creative with where I could put my stuff so that it would be baby-proof and easily accessible.

My favorite new aspect of my living space is my 'closet.'  It is simply a tension rod put up over the toilet in the my very private half-bath.  I do not have much to hang on it, but seeing as it is temporary it is not built for holding too much weight anyways.

The next aspect of my organizational method is the shoe box.  Depending on the size, shoe boxes can hold a number of things and most have pleasant looking designs.  My larger shoe boxes were used to hold my art supplies (I have some great projects coming up in the next two weeks), and the smaller ones were designated for loose clothing such as socks.  Also, you might notice the backdrop for my 'desk' is a giant whiteboard that my sister is creating to keep both of us more organized about our dinner menu and our blog posts.  I'm looking forward to contributing to that when I have some free time!

For my less sensitive clothes, they just get folded and place on a shelf next to the entertainment area.  Even my growing collection of shoes can be found on this shelf.

Moral of this post?  Embrace whatever environment you find yourself in and learn how to adapt.  It might not be my ideal room, but the couch is soft, the company is great, and all I have to pay for rent is some groceries and the occasional pizza.

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