Animal Masks

I finally found some free time this week to do a project with my nephew.  He's just about getting to the age when he can start to appreciate pretend play, so we spent a couple hours making some animal masks out of felt and string.

Making the masks was fairly easy.  I made some quick sketches of the overall look of the mask.  Next, I cut out paper templates to make sure I had all of the sizes and shapes right.  Then, I cut out all of my felt pieces.  Finally, I sewed the pieces together using embroidery string (also used this for the whiskers on the lion and bunny).  

My nephew was not very interested in his photo shoot, but my sister and I did manage to get a few good shots of him wearing my hard work.  I highly recommend this project for you to make with your kids (and the older the child the more they can contribute to their own mask).  And it is an awful lot of fun chasing a giggling child around the room in a lion mask.

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