And on the East Coast

I found an interesting 'fact' on Wikipedia today:  San Francisco is known as the 'Sunset City' and is the sister city to my hometown, Ft. Pierce, FL (also known as the 'Sunrise City').  I'm not sure who wrote this or what they based their information on, but this coincidence made me laugh.  Seeing as most people know a little about San Francisco, I thought I might spend this 'Travel Tuesday' talking a little bit about its sister city.

With a population of less than 40,000, this quiet, fishing city holds a lot of history and is slowly building itself up into a tourist spot for fishing, art, vintage collectables, and penny arcades.  Local attractions include the Sunrise Theater, Art Mundo, Friday Fest, and Saturday Farmers' Market, while tourist attractions include the Downtown Ft. Pierce, the Marina, the Backus Gallery, the Manatee Center, Old Fort Park, and the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum.  Notable residents include Beanie Backus, Rick Ankiel, and Zora Neale Hurston.

Here are some random images from my photo archives or take a virtual tour of the city.

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