Costume Creations--Wire Form

Even though most of you already have your Halloween costumes picked out, I thought I would share with you a great trick for pulling off some of the more involved costumes that require things like armor, exaggerated proportions, etc.  All you need to change your form is some wire heavy gauge for structure and a lighter gauge for detailing works best), pliers, tracing paper, Liquite gel medium, and an old paintbrush.

First you will form the wire into your desired shape.  Keep in mind that if you or someone else will be wearing it, then you want to design it so that it can easily be taken off and on as well as allowing for movement (notice the hinge for the wrist in the image above).

Once you have your structure, you will begin the messy process of covering it in tracing paper.  The gel medium can be diluted in water and painted on the paper to make adhere to itself.

This is my finished arm:  it almost looks like it could be for a Shredder costume and it has almost full mobility. You could further this project by painting the surface of the wire form or even by gluing fabric to it as seen below on my costume from last year. Yes, it's Gir.

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