Booting Up Blog

Hello, world!  This post marks the beginning of candidly kate, a personal blog that combines my love of food, learning and design.  It is my goal to do at least one creative project each day and document my favorite projects each weekday.  

These projects could include
  • Food.  There are thousands of recipes out there that I want to try and even a couple favorite family recipes that deserve to be shared.  This will most likely be the bulk of this blog and my pursuit of great recipes will most likely be the reason for the added bulk to my waistline.
  • Crafts.  Whether it be DIY projects, holiday decorations, or projects designed for children, this section will be dedicated to creating fun and easy crafts.  In the future, I will also upload a blog for my personal studio where you can visit to find more intricate art projects as well as an Etsy store for pre-made art and commissioned art.
  • Fashion.  I will be the first to admit that I am not the most fashionable person, but I do like to look presentable and play around with colors and styles.  This section will likely include my wardrobe, hair styles, make-up, and nail art.
  • Education.  As an art educator, I have made dozens of lesson plans for use in K-12 classrooms that I will be sharing for home use.  Also, I will be designing several language courses (Chinese, French, Japanese, and Korean) geared mainly for children as well as some other areas that I find interesting and think others will enjoy.

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